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Episode 4 of The Collector Chronicles is now online. In this episode, Chris (tries to) play the 3D0 FPS "Killing Time". Settle in for all of the bad FMV acting and Duck Murdering one YouTube Video can contain right now in our YouTube  section!

Episode 5.1 anf 5.2 of The Collector Chronicles where Chris visits the Classic Gaming Expo and shows off the great games and systems he found there.

A review of the Playstation 3 game "Arcana Heart 3 Love MAX!!!" for Gaming-Age.

Our RIFFTRAX and eBAY pages are currently offline. Our eBay page will return with new items around the first of the year, while Our Rifftrax page is currently being retooled by Legend Films and Rifftrax LLC. Stay tuned for more info.
The Collector Chronicles is expanding. The show will now feature Let's Play's (Currently Online) and new segments... "Let's Review" will be reviews of classic and current games. "Let's Learn" will teach you about a specific game or system, and "Let's Hunt" where the viewer will be taken on game hunts with Chris! Look for the first New Episodes soon.
Gary the Godmonster RETURNS. Gary's Commercial Carnival offically begins season 2 in a few days!!!  Look for the first of 2 new Episodes from Gary very shortly!!!!

New Video Game Reviews Now Online. This Time Chris Reviews WWE 2K15 for the Xbox One and Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom for the Xbox 360.

Check em out Here:

WWE 2K15 -- Xbox One
Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom - Xbox 360

... and be sure to catch up on all of Chris' past reviews in the "Gaming Age" Section.