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Who is "Collector" Chris?

Hi, I'm Collector Chris...Welcome to my Info Page!...Enjoy, Won't You?

Chris is a Video Game Reviewer and YouTube Video Producer. He has Collected thousands of Video Games for 30+ Systems, Retro and Modern! During the day he sells Video Games and many other collectibles on his eBay Store "COLLECTORS CLOSET" and at the largest Video game store in Las Vegas "Wii PLAY GAMES"!

Chris's Game Reviews can be found here and on his professional site GAMING AGE. His Reviews have been featured in national Commercials and in some print publications!

He also Streams on TWITCH, where he plays random games and interacts with his chat followers!
Hey Everyone. I am starting to write reviews for this site as well as Gaming-Age to expand my quest to review everything gaming!In my first Site Review, I take a looka t The Retro Freak Gaming Console by Cyber Gadget! Does it live up to it's hype? Find out in my In Depth review!
Review 001 -- Retro Freak by Cyber Gadget
By Collector Chris

The Collector Here with my latest Gaming Age Review. This time it's the PS4 version of Chaos Code, a neat
1 on 1 Fighter! Check out the Review at the Link below!
GA Review --  Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator REV 2 (PS3/PS4)
By Collector Chris

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