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Who is This Guy?

This scrolling thing is AWESOME. I can put what I want! ... BUTTS!

The (Rumored) Son of the Original "Godmonster of Indian Flats".
He joined Narcoleptic Insomnia Productions a Few years ago and produced several shows including a Game Review show
 and a talk Show that all failed to attract viewers!

Today, Gary writes, produces and stars in GARY'S COMMERCIAL CARNIVAL on YouTube. A Show where
he makes fun of commercials you see on TV, while completely ripping off the TOSH.0 Format!
Hi There Folks... I'm Gary The Godmonster....
Or "SexyBigMcLargeHuge" if you are cool!
This is my official page for N.I. Productions,
The Company that Produces my YouTube Show.
I don't have a schedule when I do them, so the best way to see the new episodes is to
SUBSCRIBE to the channel.
That a way ... you don't miss any of my awesome!!!

Hey Everyone. My latest Episode is now Online on the YouTube Channel! Click below to view it. In this epsiode, I.... ...forgot what some of the commercials were, but I do Pee all over myself! .... so... yeah.
Hi GUYZZZ Im back with another episoope!!!  Or...epidope! Meh I don't know... anyway it's been a while hasn't it. WEll Ima try to get more of these done faster!  So Hold on to yo butz!
Se2Ep4 -- Smoking Stuffed Apples
by N.I. Productions LLC
Se2Ep5 -- A Very RUDE Episode
by N.I. Productions LLC
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