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4/29/20 - NEW (OLD) VIDEOS
Yo Mans and Womens! Gary here! I uploaded all of my old shows and weird videos to the Secondary YouTube Joint.

Yeah, I've been gone for a while but I'm coming back!!!  Check out all my Videos on the links to the left and BE COOL!

03/04/18 - SICK
I'm sick today ... I think there's some kinda virus coming in from China...

You guys should probably take care.
Commercial Carnival
Season 1

Hi Folks. I'm Gary,  Gary the Godmonster. The offspring of the original Godmonster of Indian Flats. Yeah... that movie starred My DADDY! Anyway, I discovered YouTube and Started making weird videos on there with the help of these guys at N.I. Productions. I decided to write my own intro for my page cause these guys don't really get me.
There's not much to get... I'm like cool and stuff.
Commercial Carnival
Season 2

Other Crap
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